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We also provide backup for all our products with full services, maintenance, and training options. Our team of qualified technicians undertake quarterly maintenance contracts to ensure smooth functioning of various Fire Fighting Systems and Fire Equipment.

Fire Risk Assessment

Flammatech can carry out a visit and an audit to correctly advise on what solutions are needed for you and your business to safeguard against fire. Upon a set date for the visit, our team of qualified fire risk surveyors will carry out the audit.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Protection is a holistic exercise. Goods equipment should be complemented by good practices and people competent enough to handle fire equipment in the time of need. To address the issue of proper training, FIL conducts fire training to meet international standards.
Fire Training and Drill are one of the requirements for all factories and other places of work (Ministry of Labour & Human Resource Development u2013 Act cap. 514). FIL is one of the few organizations that has been certified to conduct Fire Training and Drill by Occupational Health & Safety Services (DOHSS), Government of Kenya. A proud member of the Fire Protection Association of Kenya (FIPAK).

Fire Safety Training

Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Complementing the wide range of products that we carry to serve your needs from project to project, we offer Installation and / or Testing and Commissioning services.
We have a qualified team of Technicians that are equipped to carry out services for your Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Pumpsets, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Doors and Rolling Shutters, Fire Detection Systems, Extra Low Voltage Systems.

Upon request, We can also provide design and calculations for Fire Suppression Systems. We will require you to share full project details.

Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Service & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment

Flammatech Limited is unrivalled in depth and extent of fire protection products and services. We provide extensive service and maintenance contracts for all Fire Fighting Equipment.

Flammatech Service & Maintenance
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