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We offer a variety of fire suppression systems such as water-based, gas-based, foam-based, powder-based, and wet chemical systems that will suit your individual needs

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchens are high-risk environments where fires could have a drastic impact on lives and businesses. The wet chemical fire suppression system is tailored to your kitchen and is also suitable for industrial distribution.

Wet Chemical Suppression

Gas-Based Extinguishing systems

We provide the best selection of gas-based extinguishing systems as part of our fire fighting solutions for companies.


CO2 System consists of a fixed supply of CO2 converted through a piping network and nozzles. The local Application system is used for non-enclosable areas (2 or 3 Dimensional hazards): Flammable liquid storage areas, Spray Booth, Electrical areas, Dust Collection, Engine Room, and Machine Parts.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Our fire suppression systems have been certified by the UL and LPCB for use in industrial environments. We provide Impulse Valve Systems and Quick Opening Differential Systems. 

Clean Agent Suppression
Inert Gas Suppression Systems

Our Fire Suppression System is safe, clean, and a natural way to extinguish the fire.

Inert Gas

13 years of experience in fire protection

We’re here to help you plan tailored fire safety systems that are configurable, scalable, and automated.

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