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We carry diverse globally certified products ranging from Fire Extinguishers to Hose Reels. Whether it is for your house,  a skyscraper, or a factory, we have the solutions to all fire problems.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is essential safety equipment for all domains whether it is your house, office, factory, or vehicle. Our fire extinguishers are certified by leading global safety certification agencies like UL, LPCB, CE. We are able to conduct an inspection at your premises to ensure that you have the right extinguishers as per the fire code.

Fire Extinguishers

Valves and Risers

Valves are useful to regulate, control, and direct the flow of fluid through certain passageways. Wet Risers help distribute water to multiple levels as a component of fire fighting. Dry Risers can be connected to external pressurized water systems. Landing valves are to be installed on every floor of your building. Breeching inlets are installed outside the building where it can be accessed by the fire brigade personnel.
Valves & Risers

Hose Reels and Cabinets

Every hose reel offers an immediate supply of continuous water which will allow you to combat fires quickly. Fire hose reels are suitable for installation in a wide range of buildings. Cabinets are built to accommodate and store fire hose reels, breeching inlets, and other equipment. They range from Double vertical cabinets to Fire Hose Reel Cabinets
Hose Reels & Cabinets

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are vital products for firefighting teams to combat fires as they provide a ready supply of water. Our products range from the dry type pillar fire hydrant which eliminates damage to the hydrant caused by freezing of the upper part to underground hydrant are valves of screw-down type and are suitable for a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.
Fire Hydrants

Hoses and Accessories

High-pressure hoses can carry water or fire retardants to a fire to extinguish it. We provide hoses and accessories that are globally certified and range from a single jacket hose to a handheld branch pipe.

Hoses & Accessories

13 years of experience in fire protection

We’re here to help you plan tailored fire safety systems that are configurable, scalable, and automated.

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